6 Style Tips To Look Cool Without Trying

Have you ever been out, a women walked in the room and you couldn’t help but stare?  That girl who just looks like she’s got “it”.  Whatever it is.  It’s alot easier than it looks.  You don’t have to be a stylist or considered one of the “cool kids” to look like you have “it” too. to pull off the look. Here are 6 tips you could use.

Rock a hot pair of sunglasses.  Nothing says cool like a hot pair of sunnies

Womens Black Sunglasses

Mrs Drama Sunglasses

 The front tuck adds another instant cool factor to your style

(pic from Babble.com)

A well-fitting skirt.  Wearing a skirt so tight that you pull it down every 3 steps says, “my skirt is too little”, not “cool”.  So make sure you rock a skirt that fits properly.

Paris Visit Crop and Skirt

Unique, statement making jewelry.  Layering bold rings adds an instant cool factor to your ‘fit.

Cool Waves Rings, Infinity Midi Ring, & Spiral Midi Ring 

A scarf tied around your hair is so boho cool.  


Get ready for the haters.

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