How To Wear The Latest 90s Trend: The Choker

Trends come and go.  Some have left the building and need to stay far, far away.  Bright lips lined with black liner and those little butterfly hair clips, Sara Michelle Gellar, style.  Just to name a few.  Thank goodness those haven’t made a return.  But what about those trends that you let go of, because you knew it was time, be prayed for the day it would make its’ return?!
In the 90’s, Lil’ Kim showed us just how sexy a choker can be.  Watching Hillary, on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in a baby doll dress, Doc Martens, and choker showed us how feminine they are.  And Kelly, strutting down the halls of Bayside High in her denim, tank, suspenders and thin lacy choker showed us just how playful they are.  How could you not be style envious?  Well, you choker lovers out there, I’ve got some news for you…they’re baaack!  Yep, it’s time to rejoice because this style is back in a major way.   And to help you back in the swing of things, you can take note of these tips on your next accessory shopping adventure.  It will make the difference in looking like a piece of neck art or just an awkward piece of material stuck to your neck.
Now that you’re back in the game, play with different designs and necklines until you find the one best suits you.  What’s your choker style?

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