The 4 New Skirt Rules To Follow

Wearing skirts is the best experience when you can find some decent weather, it’s been treacherous for all of us lately!  But while you’re busy “putting out the old and bringing in the new”, don’t forget to give your closet a nice lil’ revamp!  Skirts are one of our favorite things to wear when warmer weather hits.  They are so ladylike, sexy, and fun…how can rocking a skirt be wrong?  If loving them is wrong, I don’t want to be right!
As you know, styles come and go.  Some styles are buried never to be heard from again, some pop up every 10 years or so, and then there are those styles that are classic that aren’t going anywhere.  If you are looking to put a lil’ oomph in your skirt wardrobe then you have certainly come to the right place.  There are some new rules to the skirt game.  Here are four new skirt rules to follow this Spring!
  • Rule 1:  Mesh, lace, sheer, crochet…These aren’t your traditional hems!  Rocking a regular hem is cool but don’t be afraid to change it up with these options.
                     Mesh Hem Mini Skirt                                         Sheer Striped Maxi Skirt 
  • Rule 2:  Platforms, stilettos, or any type of heel is no longer “required” when rocking a skirt.  Whether you go with a maxi or mini, wear it with tennis shoes!  
  • Rule 3:  The denim skirt is baaack!  A denim skirt is like wearing your favorite jeans this Spring, so slide it on and work it!
                   Claudia Schiffer & Rhianna were out styling and profiling in their denim skirt!
  • Rule 4:  Go bold!  Prints and bold colors are the BUSINESS this Spring.  Just remember, if you go bold on the bottom, balance it out on top with a neutral top light denim (which goes with everything), white, black, or camel.
                                                          Tribal Girl Skirt 
Apply these rules to your collection for Spring.  Don’t skirt the issue!

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