Fearless Woman: Episode 16

Happy #FWF!  This weeks’ fearless women has quite a story to share.  From the tragedy that occurred during the World Trade Center terrorist attacks to becoming a fearless entrepreneur.
Tiffany Benn left London with her partner in September 2001 to live a new life together in New York and within one week everything had gone horribly wrong due them getting caught up in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. 
Over the following years she managed to get her life back on track, get an amazing new job and fall in love with a man she intended to spend the rest of her life with, then one day that all changed and she was on a slippery slope to ruin. 
Her courage pulled her back from depression and she managed to rebuild her life.  Tiffany is now the very proud owner of an online homewares store based in Sydney called www.hartldn.com.  And she is loving every minute!  Check out her fearless story and prepare to be inspired!
Ever met a fearless woman?  Meet Tiffany Benn…

What a way to overcome adversity and create the life you want to live!  Thanks for sharing your story, Tiffany!  Wanna keep up with Tiffany?  Here’s how:

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