Go Sporty Without Looking Like You’re Headed For The Gym

I was recently contacted by a reader who asked,  “How do I dress sporty without looking like I’m going to the gym?”  My first thought was to wonder what a fashionista would consider sporty.  T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers?   Yoga pants, tanks, and flip-flops?   Casual or dressy?  Does it cause a flash back to the 90s when the Spice Girls were everywhere spreading their girl power?  Who could forget Sporty Spice dancing in a sports bra style top with track pants and sneakers?

sporty spice of the spice girls
Melanie Chisholm 📷 from pinterest

No shade to her style, but let’s just say that track pants aren’t always fitting for the occasion.

For fun, I looked up sporty in the dictionary.  It said flashy or showy in dress or behavior; casual yet attractively stylish.  Couldn’t agree more myself. 😏

Rest assured…you don’t have to look like you’re headed to a burn session on the treadmill.  It’s actually quite the opposite.  Here are the outfits to prove it:

olive bodysuit black skirt tennis shoes outfit blue labels boutique

Bodysuit | Wrap Skirt | Perfume Handbag | Converse | Lipstick & Polish – Pinterest 

Wearing sneakers with dresses and skirts is an easy way to take the look from dressy to sporty.

cleveland cavs sweatshirt black trousers white clutch blue labels boutique

Trousers | Clutch | Rings & Sunglasses | Cavs Sweatshirt 

You can root for your team in a sporty style, too!  Rock a team sweatshirt or jersey with pieces that are super feminine like stack rings, sunglasses and a cute clutch bag.

red jumpsuit, silver hat, stud earrings, choker necklace

Jumpsuit | Accessories | Heels – Pinterest

A baseball hat does the trick.

As you can see, dressing sporty doesn’t mean you have to look like you actually going to play a sport.  It’s more like taking a stylish outfit and putting a casual twist to it.  Are you a sporty girl?  Which look is your favorite?

Stay Fearless 💋

2 thoughts on “Go Sporty Without Looking Like You’re Headed For The Gym

  1. Great post! i agree that there is a fine line between dressing sporty, and dressing like you plan on sweating! i really like your blog. I just started mine, and would love if you stopped by and gave me some feedback! Dressdontguess.com


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