This Stylish Beauty Pageant Queen Is Creating Change; Here’s How…

Sofia Griffith reached out seeking a sponsor to assist her with a great opportunity.  She was given the honor of representing the state of Washington at the 2017 Miss Black Teen U.S. Ambassador Pageant.  The pageant gives young African American women a chance to create change within their community through service and empowerment.  The competition also offers a scholarship that helps the competitors to prepare for their future career while highlighting community service.
Sofias’ platform focuses on adults and children who struggle with mental health, anxiety and depression.  She is active in her community through church, school and various organizations.  Wow, sounds like a young woman that  we need to get to know, right?!  Find out more about Sofias’ movement.  Plus, how she styled our Too Tied Dress.
What is the Miss Black Teen U.S. Ambassador program?
The MBUSAM pageant is a great way for young African american girls and women to be come comfort in their own skin and get a chance to know girls with the same goals as them selves.
Why do you want to be a part of it?
I was adopted by a Caucasian family and was raised in a primarily white area and so I never fully was connected with my culture. And so this pageant has given the opportunity to do that.
How did the opportunity to represent the state of Washington come along?
I was actually contacted by the owner of the pageant Patrice Harrison and I am so blessed that she did it has opened quite a few doors for me in to the professional world.
What’s your most important initiative that you would like to focus on?
Adoption. My platform is The Adoption Option: Empowering Families to Foster the Gift of Life.
What’s your family and school life like?
My family is super cool and relaxed. Living in Washington I attend a very inclusive and liberal school.
What would you tell young women who struggle with their confidence?
I would say to either join a pageant similar to MBUSAM, not only to build confidence but also to make amazing life long friends; or to take part in service activies to help give yourself a sturdy foundation that you can then build confidence upon, ‘all houses are built from the foundation up’
What’s your first move after you win?
Every girl in this pageant deserves to win. However if I we to I would go and eat a whole load of pumpkin pie, and spend time with my family since I can’t see them a week before the pageant.
What’s the hardest part about being in this sort of competition? 
Interview. Only because it requires and presentation and my public speaking is not the best, but I’m making progress and hopefully it’s gotten better.
How would you describe your personal style?
Most of the time I’m very fashionable Seattle grunge(weird combo. I know) but when it comes to pageant week in very Blair Waldorf.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I seen myself being an advocate. I plan on still making great strides and change to improve our community in the future.
sophia Griffith miss black teen us ambassador
After this interview, Sofia, announced that she received runner-up in the pageant!  Congratulations to her and we can’t wait to see her soar in the future.  Thanks for sharing you story.  Leave your thoughts in the comments…
Stay Fearless 💋

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