Easy Fixes To 9 Common Fashion Problems

Fashion problems can occur at any moment.  Here are common fashion/style-relate problems and say ways to solve them.
Blisters From Shoes –  Lightly coat it with chapstick you likely already have in your bag.  Then use a thin piece of tissue to act as a barrier to protect it.  That should make them a bit more comfortable until you’re headed home.  Also, avoid wearing heels that have really thin straps.  They can press into your feet causing blisters, too.
Golden Girl Fringe Dress
Maxis That Are Too Long – Tuck in the bottom like a hem.  Use a safety pin to secure the temporary hem.  Be sure to secure from the inside to hide the safety pin.
Deodorant Stains – Rub the spot together with a deodorant-free part of the dress and watch it will disappear!
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
The Smiley Face Bag
Where To Put Your Bag? –  Tables, countertops, bar stools and other public areas are so dirty.  And I’m talking about the germs you can’t see!  To avoid this, rock a bag that has a crossbody strap.  When sitting it will automatically stay in your clean lap, no worries about putting it on the bathroom counter when washing your hands, and dancing handsfree is definitely the way to go!
Sade A. Spence X Victorian Daisy Dress
How Much Cleavage Is Too Much? –  There are no cleavage zones…church, work, and your kids school play, for instance.  Other than that, you decide your own cleavage.  As long as you are completely comfortable with it.  That’s the major key.
Chipped Polish – Use a marker or even a pen as a temporary fix.
Camel Womens Sweater and Denim Dress
You Knead Me Sweater x Denim On The Fray Dress
“This dress makes me look/feel chubby” – Try it with a belt or with high heeled shoes.
beige womens sweater-metal belt
You Knead Me Sweater x Warrior Belt
What To Wear – Don’t overthink it.  When in doubt.  Keep it simple.
fearless women tee with leather skirt
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
“My skirt feels too short” – Layer a dress under it!
Which tip is your favorite?  Share one of your favorite tips in the comments…
Stay Fearless 💋

13 thoughts on “Easy Fixes To 9 Common Fashion Problems

  1. Great tips! I love the idea for helping with blisters! What works like magic to avoid blisters all together is if you put antiperspirant deodorant on an area where a shoe will rub. It works brilliantly. 😊


  2. Wow these are some really good tips! My favorite one is the ‘my skirt is too short’ tip!
    Do you have any tips for removing static from clothes? My clothes have been sticking to me lately and I can’t stand it!!


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