Fearless Woman Returns! Meet Katrina – Jane

Welcome back to a new season of Fearless Woman!   Yep, you read that right, Fearless Woman Friday is baaack.  If you are new to this, allow me to give you some deets.  Fearless Woman is a weekly FNF video series where we give props to women.  But these women aren’t sitting on the couch watching life go by.  No ma’am…these ladies are doing what we like to call, fearless living.  They have decided to say “bye-bye” to fear and “hello” to living life on their own terms.  No matter what any of think about it!
If you aren’t new to this then you know, that some serious inspiration is headed your way.  Thankfully, the premiere episode of this season doesn’t disappoint!  This week, you will be meeting Katrina- Jane.  Katrina went through a severe depression and was suicidal only 4 years ago.  After beating that beast, she wanted to find ways to to push her boundaries.  The one thing she became addicted to, well, let’s just say it has her questioning if she was a stripper in a past life.  I will let Katrina tell her own story…you will certainly enjoy it.
Thanks so much to Katrina for sharing such a fearless story!  Feeling inspired?? Let me know in the comments…
Stay Fearless 💋

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