Let’s Talk: What Do You Look For In Denim?

There’s no doubt that there are tons of denim lovers out there.  Hell, I’m pretty sure that the person reading this (that’s you) has some kind of fondness of denim.  Am I correct?
I started to question why so many people love denim when the process of making the collection began.   I thought about it.  Denim-lovers can be found wearing the same piece every day (without washing), dressing it down with sneakers and up with heels, and maximizing all of the benefits to the material.  But we all feel in love for different reasons.
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I recently had a bad experience that keeps replaying in my head that reminds me just how important denim is.
Sample pieces of the new collection were mailed about 2 weeks prior to last weeks’ SPIRIT Fashion Show.  After they received the package, they informed the denim skirt did not fit the model.  Apparently it was waaay too big.  I was horrified.  What was could this model be thinking??  Because in my opinion…a denim skirt absolutely, positively, MUST skim the lady lumps in all of the right places. A dress that is too baggy or an oversized shirt is one thing.  But no one wants to wear a bad-fitting denim skirt.  Ya’ feel me??
Nevertheless…the catastrophe was resolved with pins and a belt.  Although, I would have preferred not to do that (and I’m sure she would have to).  But that’s just how it goes behind the scenes.  You certainly have to be prepared for a style mishap because anything could happen.
This style emergency made me focus and really hone in on the denim.  It has to be right.  So I want to hear from you.  I’l  show you mine…
denim must have list
Now, you show me yours!  Do you agree with my must haves??  What would you add to the list?  Let me know in the comments…
Stay Fearless 💋

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: What Do You Look For In Denim?

  1. Agree! Comfy and versatile. It goes with everything. Denim is indeed an essential in my wardrobe. Hey, everyone are likely to have at least one denim piece of clothing hanging in their closet!


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