Stop Dodging The Workout Bullet

The workout bullet is one that most of us like to dodge. It’s a bullet we have gotten very good at dodging. But working out just comes with so many benefits, more benefits than not working out does, that’s for sure! So why do so many people hate it? Well, it’s down to the simple fact that it is a big ordeal. For one, you have to find the time to fit it around your busy schedule. Working, home life, socialising etc. it all finds a way to get in the way. But if you can make time for sitting on the sofa watching all of the TV you watch of an evening, you can find the time to workout for an hour every other day! So, to stop you dodging the workout bullet once and for all, here’s how you can get into a nice little routine.


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Get The Look

Actually looking good whilst you’re working out is one of the best ways to get you to workout in the first place. It massively helps to boost your confidence, and it allows you to enjoy the body you have. Kit yourself out with some new trainers, such as these jordans on sale, some new leggings (preferably three quarter length ones to keep you cool), a sports bra, and a top to go with it. There are some really good brands out there offering some great pieces of clothing to get you in the mood. In the beginning, you don’t necessarily need to splash the cash, you just need something basic that feels comfortable to you. When you start to notice that you’re getting into a routine, you can start spending your money on the things that matter, such as supplements to aid your workout, as well as the clothes and shoes that you might like to wear.

Get The Motivation

Sometimes you’re just going to need help with your motivation. It’s hard to sometimes find the motivation to get off the sofa and walk to the toilet, let alone go to the gym. But we promise you that if you stick with it for at least six weeks, you will 100% get into a routine. Somehow, the gym will become a way of life that you just can’t ignore. One of the main reasons for this is the changes you’re going to notice with your body. You’ll find that you have so much more energy, and the endorphins that your body will release after you stop exercising will make you feel even better. To get into that routine, you might benefit from finding a partner to train with. Whether that be your partner, your friend, a parent, it doesn’t matter!

Eating Clean

All of the good that you will be doing with the gym, you’ll be undoing as soon as you put that cake in your mouth, or perhaps that cheese filled cottage pie. You really do have to watch your diet and make sure you’re eating clean if you want to see any results. Having one cheat day a week is fine, but try and limit yourself to only that. Here is a simple clean eating guide for you to follow.

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