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I Learned The Power Of A Vision Board

I’ve always been one to write things down.  From my wants, needs, goals, etc.  When I was younger, it was a diary.  When I became a young adult, it was post it notes.  I had tons of yellow post it notes all over my bedroom mirror.  Although, now that I think about it…all of those post it notes were traits that I wanted in a man. 🙈

As technology progressed, I started to keep them on my laptop.  Which I secured with a long, undetectable password.  I knew early on that I couldn’t share them with everyone.  To be honest because folks LOVE knocking down other peoples goals.  But since I have always believed in the power of words; I knew I had to get it out some way.  So, I settled for writing them down.

Although recently, I have found myself saying them aloud too.  To those I trust, of course.  I will spill my entire days goals to my fiancé before he has had a chance to wash the crust out of his eyes in the morning.  I tell my mom what I envision Blue Labels Boutique even when she doesn’t ask.  I could be having a heated discussion with my brother about a basketball game.  But that doesn’t stop me from interrupting him to say,

“I am going to design an athleisure dress that everyone will love.”

Each time, I’m given a why are you telling me this look.  But I can’t help myself.  There is power in words.  Saying things aloud or writing them down does two things for me.  Firstly,  it’s like letting the universe and (God) know what I’m trying to accomplish.  Secondly, it holds me accountable.  Once I say it, I feel like I have to do it.  Period.

I told my fiancé last year that I was going to start a vision board.  I hadn’t gotten around to it until Christmas of last year.  When I opened a oversized cork board with stick pins.  I knew exactly what it was for.

vision board

I didn’t get around to pinning things on the board until around January.  I had committed to creating designs for the SPIRIT Fashion Show so I used the board to pins style ideas that I come up with.  The deadline was only a few months away.  I worked tirelessly (with the help of a my mom and aunt) to create 5 looks for the show.  Before the show, I had never sewn a complete outfit.  But after it was all said and done…I made 3 dresses!  I was so completely stressed out during the process that I never took the time to realize what I had accomplished.  Until recently.

I sat on the couch and stared at the vision board.  Things from the board like; Design a Dress Collection, Be A Game Changer, and dress sketches stuck out to me.   That’s when it hit me…the things I had put on the board had come to fruition.  5 looks, sewn beautifully, and sent to Carnegie Mellon University, just in time for their fashion show.  I have been creating and sewing new styles ever since.  That is when the power of the board hit me.  I had been wanting to sew my own styles way before I ever thought about starting Blue Labels Boutique.  But for some reason or another, I never did.  What was the difference between then and now?  The board….

Needless to say, I spent last night updating my board with new goals.  From positive affirmations to dream homes, and every little detail on the future of Fashion Not Fear and Blue Labels Boutique.  I will be sure to keep you informed.  But now, I’d love to hear from you.  Do you use a vision board?  If so, have you seen the power from it?  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless  💋

4 thoughts on “I Learned The Power Of A Vision Board

  1. YES YES YES YES! I absolutely agree with you; the power of words genuinely cannot be overstated! Vision boards are amazing tbh I set one up last year and so many things have started coming true 🙂 xx


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