A Couture Story: Angie

You might hear the word, couture, thrown around here and there.  The truth is, some of the people who refer to their garment as couture might not be 100% on that.  I asked around to see what people thought, couture, meant.  The most popular response I received is, “something that is made by a designer.”  And although that is an excellent guess and partially true, it still isn’t couture.  The word couture is actually defined as:

the design and manufacturing of fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements and measurements; fashionable made-to-measure clothes.

If couture sounds like something you are into.  Then you might want to bring your eyes closer to the screen.  Ok….now that you are really close, check out this announcement.  Blue Labels Boutique now offers couture services!!!!  Yes, you read that right.  You now have the opportunity to order styles that were made specifically for your body!

Why order couture you might be asking??  🤔

Here are some of the benefits to buying couture…

  • One of a kind pieces, you won’t see everyone else walking around with your dress
  • Fits better since it is made based on your measurements
  • You have to opportunity to participate in designing the look
  • Lifetime of adjustments offered
  • Personal shopping experience 

Angie was a recent couture shopper.  She reached out from Dallas, Tx, requesting a black, off the shoulder dress, for a holiday party.  I got right to work!

I asked if she would mind sharing her couture experience.  She happy accepted.  Here is what she said….

Is this your first time buying a couture dress?

Yes, it was my first time buying couture.

How was the experience different from shopping off the rack?

Being able to select my own fashionable design made just for me in mind.

Would you ever buy a couture outfit again?

Yes, I would purchase again.

Did you find the experience convenient? Why or why not?

Yes, because it was custom for me.  I didn’t have to go from store to store.

What was your biggest concern when you placed the order?

My biggest concern was that is wouldn’t be the exact design that I chose.  But it was that and more.

If you could give one piece of constructive criticism (if any) what would it be?

None at this time.  You listened to my thoughts and requests regarding the dress.

Did you find the pricing to be suitable for the dress you received?

Yes, pricing was on point.

Thanks to Angie for sharing her story!

 If you are interested in shopping couture or have any questions; send an email to Kristie@bluelabelsboutique.com.

Thoughts on this couture story??  Let me know in the comments….

Stay Fearless 💋





4 thoughts on “A Couture Story: Angie

  1. My mom had several dresses/outfits made by a couturier. Those were her favourite dresses. She even had three matching dresses/outfits made for me when I was a little girl, that I loved.

    It is an art and definitely better than off-the-rack dresses.

    Angie’s dress is haute couture!


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