2 Life Lessons That Happened After Seeing Michelle Obama

In November, I received a call from my Mama.  “We are buying tickets to see Michelle Obama in Austin.  Are you okay with that?”  she asked.  “Hell yea!” was my reply.  Immediately after we talked, I created my list of things to do before the show:

#1. Read her book, Becoming.  Okay, so maybe my plan was to listen to the audiobook.  There isn’t much time in my day to sit down and dedicate alot of time to reading a book right now, unfortunately.  The audiobook still counts, right? 

#2. Pick an outfit.  Red blazer with matching mini and super high heels was my first thought.  Since buying other brands isn’t on my radar right now, making my outfit is my preference.    

#3. Find the perfect restaurant in Austin.  Now, I’ve been to Austin so many times that I’ve lost count.  So, I can tell you where to get some good food.  However, the 7 other people I was carpooling with (Mama, sister, cousins, Aunts) insisted that the restaurant was right off the freeway.

I had plenty of time to take care of this short list, right?

In the months, following I was in the process of making a new collection, began working on an upcoming fashion show, amongst other things.  Before I knew it, the week of the show had arrived and not one thing on my list was completed.  Life got busy!  Not that I’m complaining.  

As a result, I found myself wondering why I never copped the audio version?  Pondered why I didn’t MAKE TIME to sew an outfit.  And ended up researching restaurants 1 hour before we hit the road.  

After filling up on shrimp with grits, fried green tomatoes, and shrimp corndogs…we headed to the Frank Erwin Center.  

rachael ray at michelle obama book tour

Rachael Ray was the moderator.  When she welcomed Mrs. Obama onto the stage, the crowd lost their minds!

After a long standing ovation, we sat down and listened.  She talked about her childhood and the relationships she had with her family members.  She gave some insights into the ups and downs of her marriage.  Rejoiced that they would be “empty nesters” soon and even joked about not cooking much.  And if you wondered if her hubby, ex-POTUS cooked, not really.   He cooked chilli…once.  


But learning about the Obamas wasn’t the only thing I got out of it.  So many aspects of life were talked about that I was really able to see how that related to my life.  Here are 2 points, specifically, that resonated with me.

 Michelle told a story of how her family set a particular time for dinner each day.  However, as Barack started becoming more and more popular, he was arriving home later and later.  Sometimes, too late for dinner.  She had to make the decision to move forward with their original plans by keeping dinner set the appointed time.  Whether he was able to make it or not.   As women, it seems like we are responsible for everything!  Laundry, groceries, making dinner, taking care of babies just to name a few.  We are also know to hold things up or put important things to the side to make sure our family is good.  Not to mention, we still have to get out there and make money.  It can be alot. Life has to move forward.  Set goals and keep them.  Prioritizing like this is essential.  It helps to focus on things that are important and leaves time for YOU.  

Mrs. Obama also talked about her journey of going through college, becoming a wife, mother and working.  Once she became the First Lady, she went right into her own initiative…making kids healthier.  As you know, she was successful at it.  After leaving the White House, her first book dropped along with a tremendously successful book tour.  It seems to me that this fab 55 year old is just hitting her stride.  Stay on your journey.  In due time, what you are meant to do will naturally happen.  Stay the course and be willing to accept new challenges head on.  It’s the only way you will know where you are supposed to be.  


I don’t want to spill all of the tea from the event.  I have downloaded the book and can’t wait to devote the 19 hours that it says will take for it to be read to me.  The tour continues so hopefully, you will have the chance to catch it.  Let me just tell you.  It felt like I was having an intimate conversation with an Auntie.  She spit so much knowledge that you can definitely use.  


Thank you Michelle and Rachael for a magical night.  Have you or will you be attending her book tour?  Have you read, Becoming?  Share your thoughts in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋


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