10 Things You Can Do To Get Ready For The Arrival Of Spring

Spring will be here in 25 days, which means it’s time for us to start prepping! Here are 10 things you can do to get yourself Spring-ready.

spring cleaning
Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

1. Spring Cleaning – put away winter clothes to make room for your Spring ones. Donate the ones you won’t be wearing anymore to Goodwill.

Photo by Melvin Buezo on Pexels.com

2. Get Some New Sneakers – with the cold weather gone, it’s now time to get out and enjoy running outside

beach birds calm clouds
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

3. Start Pricing Your Summer Vacay – you will probably get a better deal and your bank account will be grateful for it.

music festival
Photo by Stephan Mu00fcller on Pexels.com

4. Get Your Festival Gear Ready – Spring means festivals. It’s one of the best things to do in Spring. So, if you are a festival goer, start planning your gear now!

polished toes
Photo by EVG photos on Pexels.com

5. Toe Exposure – Your toes are sure to be exposed when Spring arrives. Who doesn’t love a good pair of sandals?! So, it’s time to get those dogs ready with a pedicure. There’s no more hiding them in socks.

shaving legsg
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

6. Body Wax or Razor? – Unfortunately, we cant hide our armpits and legs anymore. I mean, we can, but how are we gonna enjoy this great weather?!! That why the tome has come to take a razor or wax to that hair and take care of it.

Photo by Jennifer Enujiugha on Pexels.com

7. Invest In Short Hemlines & Tanks – Now, that the hair is gone, show it off with a short dress and some tanks!

bright colors
Photo by Stas Knop on Pexels.com

8. Get Some Color In Your Life – Now is the time to add bright color and bold patterns to your closet. Spring should be a celebration of color. Why not?!

spring flowers
Photo by Asad Nazir on Pexels.com

9. Stop & Smell The Roses – Adding a few flowers around your home will make it feel like Spring easily.

floral perfume
Photo by Mareefe on Pexels.com

10. Get A New Scent – Spring calls for a lighter, more floral perfume or body spray. Invest in one or two to change it up for the new season.

The countdown is on! I don’t know about you but March 19th couldn’t come fast enough. So you have any Spring arrival rituals?? Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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