Fashion Not Fear Isn’t The Only Thing Done By Hand, Here Are 3 Other Things Done By Hand At Blue Labels Boutique

The handmade Fashion Not Fear Collection, isn’t the only thing that’s handmade at Blue Labels Boutique.

I put my hands on as many things as I can, sanitized hands, of course. But I do it for a few reasons…I love to put my personal spin on things and when it’s done by hand, it’s not like everything else you see out there.

Here are 3 things created by hand, besides the FNF Collection.

The clothing labels sewn inside the Fashion Not Fear pieces. They are created on a computer, cut out, ironed onto fabric, and stitched inside the clothes.

Each piece is steamed before being put in the mail. This just helps to ensure you receive the item as pristine condition as possible. Of course it will wrinkle in the mail but having less wrinkles won’t hurt.

Thank you notes. Each order is sent with a handwritten card expressing gratitude for you spending your hard earned money with Blue Labels Boutique. I know you can spend your money anywhere so it’s important to let you know how much I appreciate it.

Thoughts? Do these handmade actions mean anything to you? Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋


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